Haralambos “Bobby” Geroulanos is an undergraduate student at the University of Miami. He rounds out his life in academia with a variety of personal hobbies and interests, ranging from travel to athletics to arts and culture. This blog will focus on these aspects of Bobby’s life and share some of his favorite experiences.

Travel has been a formative influence on Bobby’s life. It allows Bobby to explore new places and start to learn other languages, which has always interested him. It also allows him to get involved with local community improvement efforts, as was the case when he took a volunteer service trip to India through Where There Be Dragons. Bobby assisted those less fortunate in learning English and going about their everyday lives.

Before Bobby ever volunteered in professional programs, however, his earliest travel experiences took place with his own family. Throughout Bobby’s childhood the family frequently took trips to Greece (where their extended family lives). In the past few years, the Geroulanos family has made it a point to focus on the trip just as much as the destination, and they have explored European countries near Greece, including Italy, France, and Austria.

Bobby has carried his love of Greek culture to other activities in his life, including volunteering in his local Greek Orthodox Church youth group and being the Greek band drummer for the Greek School of Plato in Brooklyn. In April 2017 Bobby and his sister Melina participated in the annual Greek Independence Day Parade in New York City; the Greek School of Plato marching band had the honor of opening the parade.

A sports enthusiast as well, Bobby Geroulanos was point guard for the Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) league basketball team for four years. He was forward for GOYA league soccer team for three years. Bobby also enjoys skiing and swimming.

Bobby’s other passions include local volunteer work, music (playing, producing, or simply listening), reading, and writing. As a current student, Bobby has the opportunity to pursue the latter in particular.