There are many wonderful countries you can visit in Europe, but Austria is one you must add to your list. This country has a rich history that you can explore by visiting the various museums, but also by simply walking down the streets in its many towns and cities. There are plenty of places worthwhile to visit in Austria, but it would be difficult to fit them all into a single trip. Here are some of the top places to visit if you want to get an authentic feel for the country and learn a bit about Austrian history.


While you can see the Alps in other countries, you should still pay a visit when you’re in Austria. A large portion of the country is covered by various ranges of the Alps, which has created many small towns in and around the mountains. Take time to visit scenic mountain towns where you can meet the locals and hike, or ski, in the Alps. The natural beauty is stunning and something you do not want to miss.


If you’re seriously interested in skiing in Austria, Innsbruck is a fantastic town to consider. Host of the Winter Olympics multiple times, Innsbruck is known as a place for winter sports. Even if you aren’t very interested in skiing, there are plenty of other sites to see here. You can visit the Hofkirche Cathedral, which is where a former emperor is buried, as well as various other cathedrals throughout the town.


Vienna, the capital of Austria. If you’re making a trip to Austria, you have to visit Vienna. The city is fairly large and contains plenty of historic places to visit, which means you should probably plan to spend a few days exploring it. Make sure you visit the Hofburg Palace, the National Library in State Hall, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. In addition to these sites, there are plenty of other historic buildings to visit and many museums, such as the Belvedere Palace, which has been converted into a museum, housing priceless works of art. Vienna also has hundreds of balls each year, many of which can be attended at an affordable price; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.


Salzburg is another major city in Austria and only a few hours away from Vienna. If you love music, Salzburg is the place to go. Salzburg’s Old Town has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the many in Austria, mainly because it’s the birthplace of Mozart. The city is rich with classical music history and a wonderful place to visit. The city itself is also beautiful and sits along the Salzach River.