Traveling is exciting, an opportunity to experience new cultures, and the chance to get away from the everyday grind of life for a little. If only it weren’t so expensive! Don’t worry, though – if you plan it right and do your research, you can finally get to Italy to try that fresh cannoli or climb the Eiffel Tower without breaking the bank. People often think travel is unaffordable, but if you plan well you can actually get great deals and travel virtually anywhere.

Use the private browsing feature

Google tracks your browsing history and knows when you’re looking to make a purchase. Thanks to cookies, there’s a history of the websites you visit and the searches you’re using. By searching the same thing several times, Google nudges you towards the more expensive flights. For that reason, utilize the incognito feature on Chrome or private browsing mode on Safari to really get the lowest prices, because your search history isn’t “remembered.” Otherwise, you could be paying a lot more for a flight than you have to.

Find the cheapest day to fly

Contrary to common belief, there’s no consistent day that’s actually the cheapest to fly out on. It might be Tuesday, it might not be. Using apps like Skyscanner, you can find out for sure by plugging in your destination information and clicking on the “whole month” feature. ThriftyNomads gives a more detailed explanation about how to best take advantage of this website to get you the best possible deal on your flight for the month. and GoogleFlights are both other options that perform similarly for finding the cheapest flight, and Hopper has great reviews as well as price analysis and even tracks fluctuation. Technology is available; make sure you take advantage of it!

Get to know your budget airlines

If you don’t mind a little less legroom or a lack of complimentary drink services, definitely look into the budget airline deals available. Do your research ahead of time to know exactly what you’d be giving up in exchange for a cheaper flight, but airlines such as Jetblue or Spirit Airlines will get you where you need to go. There are also international options, so no matter where you are in the world, you have the option of finding a less expensive flight than a typical commercial flight.

Though it goes without saying, make sure to double check the details for your flight confirmation, and follow all of the directions to ensure you board your flight without any problems.

Don’t wait to book

Some people believe that waiting until the last possible second to book a flight gives the best deal. However, if you wait too long, prices will dramatically increase. Begin looking at options a few months ahead of your flight and then book your ticket at least a month ahead of time. It’s good to regularly check flights and see how they fluctuate and then buy when you feel comfortable with the listed price.