For most college students, studying abroad is an experience that’s definitely on their horizon. Taking time to travel and live in a foreign country is a great opportunity, no matter your major or interests. If an entire semester seems too long, going for a few weeks over the summer is also an option for many colleges. Some people believe that they can’t afford to study abroad, but there are plenty of grants and scholarships you can apply for; in some cases, a semester abroad may be cheaper than a semester at your college. Here are the many benefits of studying abroad that students gain.

Learn about another culture

One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad is how much you’ll learn about a different culture. Even if you travel to a country that speaks English, you’ll still experience a slightly different way of life. The place has different kinds of people, a varied history, and other cultural differences. If you’re going somewhere completely opposite from what you’re familiar with, you could learn a new language and understand a different people and culture much better.

Enhance your resume

When you spend time studying abroad, there’s ample opportunity to work at an internship, take unique classes, or get involved in the local community. By making the most of your abroad experience, you’re developing new skills and gaining more knowledge that you can add to a resume when you later search for a job.

Meet new people

Whether you study abroad with people you know or with complete strangers, you’re going to make new friends and connections. You might stay with a host family, meet local students, or simply get to know teachers or students on your program better. You’ll gain lifelong friends and who knows where these relationships take you in the future.

Create unforgettable memories

Studying abroad means you likely have the opportunity to travel and see incredible historical sites you might not visit otherwise. You’ll spend quality time with new people and constantly learn about new cultures, places, people, and ideas. These memories last your lifetime and it’s the perfect time to travel to new places.

Develop confidence
A great part about studying abroad is a lot of it is very independent. You’re likely further away from your family for a longer amount of time than you’ve ever been before. Your usual friends are not around and you’re in a completely new environment. You’ll have to make decisions and do some tasks on your own; you might even travel somewhere by yourself! Whatever you do, after your studying abroad experience, you’ll have a greater level of confidence.