Many college students hold optimistic dreams of getting to travel the world. However, most college students are also budget conscious. When they look at prices of tickets to some of the most popular destinations, it can seem like their dreams of traveling will never be reached until decades later after they’ve landed a steady job and paid off debt. This mindset is understandable, but there are also plenty of places college students on a budget can find to travel to. Here are some of the best international destinations for travelers on a budget.

The Gambia

Known as Africa’s smallest country, The Gambia is a great place to visit if you’re budget conscious. One of the biggest draws to this country are the gorgeous beaches on its coast, but there are plenty of other reasons to visit as well. Head to the River Gambia National Park to see incredible wildlife or any other of several national parks and nature preserves.

Istanbul, Turkey

This city is an incredible mix of European and Middle Eastern culture. You’ll see absolutely incredible architecture, such as the Burj Khalifa or the Hagia Sophia. There are gorgeous palaces you can visit or monuments, all with affordable entrance prices. Simply walking around the city offers a great opportunity to see impressive buildings and try delicious food.

The Himalayas

Many people head to the Alps when they want to see large mountains, but the Himalayas are equally, if not more so, impressive. The Himalayas are where the world’s highest mountains are and you can see them yourself easily. You can take some easy hikes or even go white-water rafting while visiting Nepal.


Backpackers frequent Thailand, but it’s a great vacation destination no matter your preferred method of travel. You’ll see lovely islands and experience a rich culture. Visiting Thailand can be incredibly affordable and you’ll taste great cuisine. You can also pay a visit to the beautiful beaches or take a drive through the northern mountains.


South America is full of incredible countries you can visit, but one of the most budget-friendly options is Uruguay. Many people head to Brazil or Argentina, but Uruguay offers many of the same allures. You can find beautiful beaches and wildlife; make sure to also visit the capital city of Montevideo; you won’t regret it!

Budapest, Hungary

If you’re interesting in heading to Europe, Budapest is the place to go. Much more affordable than many of the surrounding countries, Hungary offers a fantastic look into Eastern European culture and can serve as a gateway to other countries. Budapest is a vibrant city that has many of the same features as other popular European cities. Make sure you pay a visit to the Buda Castle overlooking the Danube River. There are also plenty of exciting walking tours you can participate in.