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Backpacking Trip Bobby Geroulanos

6 Reasons You Should Go on a Backpacking Trip

Many millennials are developing a passion for spending time outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or something else, more and more people realize the great benefits of spending time outside.  If you’re looking for a new hobby or something exciting to try, consider embarking on a backpacking trip. Even if you’re a rookie, there are plenty […]

Pack Multiweek Trip Bobby Geroulanos

How to Pack for a Long Trip

If you’re planning on taking a trip that lasts for a few weeks or several months, it can be challenging to know what to take with you. For college students, this dilemma often occurs when you’re planning on studying abroad. For young professionals, sometimes they move to a far away destination for a new job […]

Tips For Choosing Where To Study Abroad Bobby Geroulanos

4 Tips for Choosing Where to Study Abroad

There is nothing quite like studying in a foreign country and learning about a different culture. While many students make lifelong friendships and experience memorable adventures studying abroad, it’s important to choose wisely before making this decision. For many students, traveling far away from friends and family can be a scary concept, but there are […]

Fall Travel Destinations In The United States Bobby Geroulanos

5 Fall Travel Destinations in the Northern United States

Throughout the northern United States, there is no shortage of destinations for people seeking some old-fashioned autumnal charm. Whether you crave small-town Americana or big-city excitement, America still has plenty of fall appeal if you know where to look. The highlight of any fall vacation is experiencing the foliage and the surrounding breathtaking landscape. Fall […]

Considerations Job Abroad Bobby Geroulanos

5 Considerations Before Looking for a Job Abroad

If you’re considering working abroad, there are plenty of details you need to take into consideration. Working in another country is an amazing experience and can teach you skills you would never learn otherwise. You’re fully immersed in a culture different than your own and get to meet many interesting people. However, there are plenty […]

Visit National Parks Haralambos Bobby Geroulanos

The Top National Parks to Visit in the United States

For many looking to take a break from the bustle of daily life, nature’s rejuvenating power supplements any vacation. With its array of states and weather, the United States boasts a variety of natural parks suitable for any taste. Here’s a list of the top national parks to visit in the United States when you […]

man in gym lifting bar, haralambos bobby geroulanos on summer activities to stay fit

5 Summer Activities to Stay Fit

Over the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active. Even if exercise isn’t a regular part of your life, summer is the perfect time to change this fact and become more active. There are lots of fun options to choose from for something to do, plus you have a lot more free time […]

Clear blue water, person kayaking, aerial view, haralambos bobby geroulanos summer travel ideas for students

5 Summer Trip Ideas for Students

For many college students, the summer represents the perfect time to take exciting trips. Even if you’re working over the summer or have an internship, there are likely a few long weekends or weeks where you don’t have anything planned. Take advantage of this down time and plan an unforgettable trip. See if any of […]

koala sitting in a tree in a forest, haralambos bobby geroulanos visit australia

Why Australia is a Fantastic Place to Visit

While Australia can be a pricier vacation, it’s ultimately worth the money. It’s a unique country that has remained fairly separate from the influence of the rest of the world for a long time, thanks to its location. When you visit this country, you’ll see incredible wildlife that’s impossible to find anywhere else, meet interesting […]

Closed patterned suitcase with a map and magnifying glass on top of it, haralambos bobby geroulanos packing for study abroad

3 Tips for Packing for Your Study Abroad Experience

Planning your life to begin studying abroad can be an incredibly exciting time. You’ll get to travel to an incredible place, meet new people, and experience history and culture in a way you never have before. When you begin executing your elaborate plans, these helpful tips for packing your luggage for your study abroad will […]

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