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man in gym lifting bar, haralambos bobby geroulanos on summer activities to stay fit

5 Summer Activities to Stay Fit

Over the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to stay active. Even if exercise isn’t a regular part of your life, summer is the perfect time to change this fact and become more active. There are lots of fun options to choose from for something to do, plus you have a lot more free time […]

Man on tennis court swinging racket, haralambos bobby geroulanos balance sports and school in college

5 Ways to Balance Sports and College

For many students attending college, participating in sports is a vital part to their experience. Whether they participate in a formal sport and are on an school team or are on an intramural team, sports take up a significant amount of time. There are many benefits to being on an athletic team in college and […]

Soccer ball sitting on grass, image used for Haralambos Bobby Geroulanos blog about how sports positively affect other areas of your life

5 Ways Sports Affect Other Areas of Your Life

A recent study revealed that around 75 percent of people played sports as children, but that number sharply decreased to around 25 percent once they became adults. Only around 20 percent of all adults exercise the recommended amount, according to another study. Lots of other studies have been done to see the many ways people […]

Group of people playing basketball with the ocean in teh background, image used for Haralambos Bobby Geroulanos blog about how sports help people in school

4 Ways Sports Help You in School

Nearly 8 million students regularly participate in organized sports and the number continues to rise – for over 25 years. Children from all backgrounds are involved with sports and feel passionately about their teams. Involvement in sports often continues to the college level and sometimes even beyond that. While some people look down on sports […]

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