Starting college can be daunting, especially if you’re moving far away from home. You want to do your best, meet a lot of people, and have the time of your life. If you’re going to a large school, achieving these goals seems even more difficult, but you can definitely do it! You just need to take a few simple steps and you’ll be amazed at how much you enjoy college. College is the time to meet new people and figure out what you want to do after you graduate, so get involved with as much as you can!

Take different classes

You might go to college and know what you want to major in, but it’s important to explore other interests you may have as well. Most colleges allow students to take some classes pass/fail, so find a topic you’re interested in and take an intro class. You’ll learn something and might find a new hobby or passion you’d like to pursue. If a class seems difficult, but you’re interested in it, don’t be afraid to talk to the professor and see if you can audit it. College is the time to learn new ideas and you won’t have an opportunity like it again after you’re out of school.

Join a variety of clubs

Colleges campuses always have an abundance of clubs, so go ahead and join a few. Everyone has a variety of interests, so explore what you’re interested in. Maybe you want to join a club soccer team or the debate club. Join those clubs and then find a few others you’d be interested in being a member of. Usually, you can attend meetings and be minimally involved if you don’t want to take a leadership role in every organization.

Start your own group

While colleges do have a variety of clubs and organizations, sometimes there’s something you’re interested in, but it’s not represented on campus. Do some research into how to start a club on your campus and then gauge other students’ interest. With a little work, you can start a new club and spend time with people who share an interest in something you’re passionate about.

Explore the local community

It’s especially important to get to know the surrounding area if your college is in a city. So many students stay on campus and never take the time to explore what’s a few blocks away, which leads to them missing out on incredible opportunities. If you go to school in a large city, you have access to events, museums, restaurants, and organizations that you can easily explore. Do not restrict yourself exclusively to campus; spread out and get to know what your new city is really like!